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TStarzz Entertainment is a dynamic and innovative company founded by Trinetta J.  The TStarzz mission is to provide exceptional entertainment experiences that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. With Trinetta J. at the helm, TStarzz Entertainment brings together incredible talent, creators, singers, authors, and motivational coaches to deliver top-notch performances and services. TStarzz dedication to excellence and passion sets it apart in the industry. So, please join TStarzz Entertainment, and Trinetta J. on this exciting creative journey and let them entertain and inspire you!

The TStarzz Story...

TStarzz Entertainment Inc. was created out of a need for exposure for talented people like Trinetta Love as well other amazing talent.


After years of being on several projects in Atlanta, GA, Trinetta was frustrated due to several of the projects she participated in (stage plays, film, etc.) never saw the light of day. She noticed a pattern in would-be filmmakers, t.v. producers, etc. - A project  would get started, but, rarely completed. This did not sit well with Trinetta because valuable time was wasted, but, also, she had nothing to show for all the hard work she had done.


But, one very valuable thing came out of the alleged projects she participated in... she met other bright, and very talented individuals and forged great friendships.

So, after another promising project fell through, that's when Trinetta decided to take matters into her own hands and create a platform that would give herself and others "exposure". That's when she gave birth to "TStarzz Entertainment" (where talent lives and breathes)!

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